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Stainless Steel Brushed Natural with Platinum Finish

18 Gauge Steel Brushed Lilac with Coppertone Finish

18 Gauge Steel Antique White with Shaded Silver Rose Finish

18 Gauge Steel Brushed Blue Storm Blue Finish

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18 Gauge Steel Shaded Bronze with Tiffany Gold Finish

20 Gauge Steel Antique White Shaded Gold Finish

20 Gauge Steel Mandarin Finish

Solid Cherry Wood High Gloss Finish

The 20 Gauge caskets are sure to provide an elegant resting place for your loved ones made with only the highest quality steel.

The 18 gauge caskets are made from high quality steel to provide extra protection from the elements.

Talk to us first - Get prices from your Funeral Home - MAKE WISE DECISIONS - Then let your Funeral Home know you have your own casket

Federal Law States the Funeral Home Must accept our caskets

The Federal Trade Commission states that you don't have to purchase your casket from the funeral home handling the arrangements; with some exceptions, you have the right to choose which funeral services and products you want. When you order from Christian Memorial Caskets, the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket purchased elsewhere.